At Up, each of our solutions are designed with one simple goal: providing the best customer experience, no matter the solution. This resolves around two core principals: simplicity and fun! Let’s be honest, the best solution is simple to implement, hassle free and (very) fun to use!

Every day, all over Greece, we serve tens of thousands of customers. We are constantly learning, fine tuning the Up experience and looking towards the future.

Up Hellas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Up Group.
Up Hellas is an affiliated member of MasterCard.


Meal solutions

In Greece, our meal solutions allow thousands of our corporate customers to give a benefit to each of their employees while saving money.


The go for EAT meal card was designed to provide the best customer experience by focusing on two core principles: simplicity and fun!

It’s the most advanced card solution on the Greek market, insanely user friendly, without any intrusive or time-consuming steps.
Through our “Up Hellas” application, our cardholders are given absolute independence and control.

And most importantly, the go for EAT card is accepted in all food selling retailers that accept MasterCard.




55 years of know-how on the business allows us to provide a frictionless solution with some neat services (personalized check book, personalized voucher, super-fast delivery…).

The Chèque Déjeuner voucher is accepted at over 4.000 locations in Greece.

If you feel paper is still the way to go, then Chèque Déjeuner is the simple choice.



Gift solutions

Feel like rewarding an employee? A partner? Our Cadhoc voucher is the way to go!


  • Full tax exemption of up to € 300 per employee per year
  • Freedom to choose: thousands of retailers accept our gift voucher
  • Total control of your budget with no hidden costs

We ❤️ our merchants

We want to empower our merchant partners by bringing them more services, foot traffic, sales and profits!

We provide the tools and some ideas; our merchants receive the love.

  • Up app
  • Dedicated merchant page
  • Access to Hero Corp
  • Some goodies

Services for our go for EAT cardholders 💳

Our only objective: delivering a self-explanatory combo of a dazzling looking card with an app.

At Up, it’s one single app offering the same experience over 3 platforms, for free (Google Play Store, App Store, and the Internet). It is insanely simple to use and empowers our cardholders with full control over it and their cards.


Through our app you will:

  • Check in real time your balance and your transaction history
  • Receive instant notifications to keep you up to date
  • Lock and unlock your card – making it the safest card in Greece!
  • Cancel your card

Use our go for EAT card for meal payments at all restaurants, taverns, fast food, cafes, bakeries and supermarket throughout the Mastercard network in Greece!

TUV Austria Hellas
Mark Aalen
Interview with Bastien
23-05-2019 | About Us

Bastien Agnes is Managing Director of Up Hellas since the start of Up’s business in our country. So, it’s the best person to talk to us about what Up Hellas has achieved until now, the goforEAT experience and the future … – What are you most proud of since the creation of Up Hellas? That’s

Few words about the Up Group
23-05-2019 | About Us

Up Hellas is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Up Group, an independent organization and global leader in the services market with solutions in the social and cultural field. Let’s discover more about our Group and what makes it stand out! Up Group A Co-operative group, established in 19 countries. Up’s model is a source

Meet Pericles
23-05-2019 | Our Heroes

Hello, my name is Pericles and I have been working for GIANT for the last 15 years. I have always been convinced that prepaid cards have complex activation procedures and I have always had difficulty tracking my balance. The pre-paid go for EAT card changed my view. It was the first time I received a

Vaso Kotsaki
HR & CSR Manager at Tuv Austria Hellas

Traditionally the company focused on it’s personnel. We have been cooperating with Up Hellas by using the Cheque DeJeuner meal vouchers as an additional offering to our people. This way our employees have many options regarding their meal during work hours.