Our Heroes
Founder & CEO


Hi, I am Artemis. I am 50 years old and the founder of Giant.

I am constantly looking for the best solutions, I am tough on negotiations and I strongly believe in the benefits of eating well and working-out regularly.

Many years ago, when I started my business, I had decided that I will always provide a pleasant working environment. I want my employees to be happy at work, to grow in order for them to constantly be motivated to do their best.

Brand Ambassador


Hi, I am Niki. I am 32 years old and recently became the brand ambassador of Up Hellas. 😊

My specialty: always looking to learn new things and having the talent to find easy and effective solutions.

I have been working at Up Hellas for the last 3 years and I love the fast-moving multinational environment. I always give my best and get strength from my colleagues who support and help me.

Head of Sales


Hi, my name is Pericles. I am 45 years old and have been working at Giant for many years.

I’m married, I’m not a fan of technology, and I love souvlakia! ❤️

I don’t like complicated services because they confuse me, which frustrates me. I start getting upset and become quite annoying. Therefore, I’m always looking for easy and simple solutions, without having to get on the phone and waste time.



Hi, they often call me ‘Intruder’ and I’m not going to tell you my age or where I work.

I tend to hide in the most unlikely places and watch services that interest me. If you think you can find me, I challenge you to search me on the Up Hellas’ website. 😉