Up Group & The Authentic Marathon
14-11-2019 | About Us

Up Group had two runners lined up for the authentic Marathon last weekend. They were crazy enough to run their first marathon ever… in Athens! They were nice enough to answer a few questions from us. Let’s Meet the beasts I am Xavier and I have been working for Up for over 20 years! I

Pericles and his card
07-11-2019 | Our Heroes

The first time Pericles met his go for EAT card, he had different emotions. At first, Pericles was angry because he thought he should get phones and read directions. But when he realized that it was a simple and easy service, Pericles was happy, downloaded our app and… it didn’t take long to buy the

go for EΑΤ or go for FΙΤ?
30-10-2019 | About Us

We had a serious dilemma a few weeks ago…🤔 For years and years, we have heard about life-work balance, the benefit of eating healthy. What about the benefit of exercising a bit? As part of the sport’s biggest celebration, Up Hellas has chosen to “go for FIT” at the 12th Annual ATHLETIC & FITNESS EXPO

Mission Delicious: Our most enjoyable project!
25-10-2019 | About Us

It was just before Christmas 2018 when we were looking for ways to reach out to our customers about our products and services. We thought maybe the coolest way is to tell a story and a story needs heroes. So, we created the Up Hellas’ characters that are now an integral part of our brand. Now,

Simplicity, the key to success!
17-10-2019 | Up Markets

In the way that modern times are structured, time in professional life has become vital. Any process that is time-consuming and has many and unnecessary steps is an obstacle to the growth of a business. In an era of complexity, simplicity and easy solutions are the key to evolution. Complexity confuses people, reduces their effectiveness

The importance of digital transformation in business!
10-10-2019 | Up Markets

Technology is evolving and bringing new services and functions to all aspects and sectors of entrepreneurship. Today’s professionals have to face this new reality, to adapt and evolve! Digital transformation is crucial both for retaining existing customers and for attracting new ones. Empowering business to a great extent also depends on accelerating its digital transformation.