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Introducing our new digital ordering platform
20-02-2020 | About Us

Our Commercial Director Thanos Tavanlis shares the journey to designing our unique go for EAT prepaid meal card and talks about our latest innovative offering, our digital platform which will give to all partnering companies full control of all their Up Hellas products. ~  When we first started designing our go for EAT card, we

George talks about HeroCorp!
06-02-2020 | About Us

Hi, I am George and I joined UP Hellas 5 months ago. During my short journey with the UP Hellas family, I have to confess that never before in my professional career have I witnessed a company that innovates so heavily in an industry of increasing interest both for companies as well as for employees.

Pericles & go for EAT, a love story
31-01-2020 | About Us

About a year ago go for EAT  began its trip. At the same time one of Up’s heroes, Pericles, also appeared. From then on, both of them are … inseparable! Whenever we want to communicate something about go for EAT (eg. another service like HeroCorp) Pericles is there to help us. Here are some highlights

UpFit: The wellness solution for your business!
23-01-2020 | Up Markets, About Us

The balance between work and personal life is one of the biggest demands nowadays. People are looking for solutions that will allow them to find time for exercise into their daily routine. In fact, there are companies that organize events or activities throughout the year in order to awaken their employees and encourage them to

Kick off 2020 – the Up way
17-01-2020 | About Us

Here are a few things we love to do at Up: Have fun Try new things Work together Last week, we gathered the Up Team at Elatos. Deep in the snow-covered pine forest we: 👋Welcomed our new colleagues in style 🎅Secret Santa celebration 🥧 Cut our Vasilopita 🤘Held a few workshops on how to rock

Meet Hercules!
08-01-2020 | About Us

Hi, I’m Hercules and I’ve been a member of the Up team for the last 6 months! I work as a sales consultant, and lately I have gained … super athletic powers! At Up Hellas, I managed to combine my love of fitness and wellness with my work. How? With UpFit! This is the most

The top Up moments for 2019!
23-12-2019 | About Us

2019 was definitely a special year for us. We have many and important moments to remember. The most important was the launch of go for EAT card! But of course, that wasn’t enough. So just before welcoming 2020, we also unveiled our new unique UpFit digital service! But let’s get to the most Up moments

go for EAT – 1 meal card = 200€ for free, for everyone.
13-12-2019 | About Us

HeroCorp is our loyalty solution that enables all of our cardholders to get an instant cash reward after each transaction. This means, you spend -> you receive back money in your account immediately. It’s truly amazing.  Some figures about HeroCorp: Launch Date: November 19, 2019 Number of rewards already given: 1.000 at 10 am on

2019 the year of the go for EAT!
09-12-2019 | About Us

Thanks to the go for EAT we are in triple-digit growth again. We will finish the year with over 15.000 cardholders, all in a 10 month period. 🚀 I believe our idea of what a meal card should be has been totally recognized! Here is why: Benefits With go for EAT, you are able to reward