Our Heroes
Niki, the super hero of Up!
30-08-2019 | Our Heroes

Hi, I’m Niki and I’ve been a member of the Up team for the last three years! I work as a sales consultant, and lately I have gained … superpowers! How; It is simple! 😉 Upgraded services, the constant willing for development and of course the go for EAT made me the company’s Super Hero.

Meet Artemis
04-07-2019 | Our Heroes

Hello, my name is Artemis and I am the founder of Giant. Many years ago, when I started my business, I had decided to always provide a pleasant working environment. My goal is my employees to be happy, to evolve and constantly motivate them to do their best. With go for EAT I found exactly

Meet Pericles
23-05-2019 | Our Heroes

Hello, my name is Pericles and I have been working for GIANT for the last 15 years. I have always been convinced that prepaid cards have complex activation procedures and I have always had difficulty tracking my balance. The pre-paid go for EAT card changed my view. It was the first time I received a