Our HeroCorp cashback programme is already 6 months old!
25-06-2020 | HeroCorp

Hi, I’m Nikos, the Head of Merchant Services here at Up. HeroCorp is already 6 months old and we are celebrating it by bringing more and more merchants so you can keep enjoying your purchases with instant cashback!! We think that what we have succeeded so far is unique: HeroCorp has managed to become the

Welcoming Pita Pan to our HeroCorp cashback programme
09-03-2020 | HeroCorp

Pita Pan has been added to our HeroCorp cashback programme, which means that all of our go for EAT cardholders will get instant cashback every time they shop at any Pita Pan location 🚀 Pita Pan is operating since 1993 and offers high quality, affordable and tasty meals. We are extremely happy that they have been

George talks about HeroCorp!
06-02-2020 | HeroCorp

Hi, I am George and I joined UP Hellas 5 months ago. During my short journey with the UP Hellas family, I have to confess that never before in my professional career have I witnessed a company that innovates so heavily in an industry of increasing interest both for companies as well as for employees.