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UpFit: The wellness solution for your business!
23-01-2020 | Up Markets, About Us

The balance between work and personal life is one of the biggest demands nowadays. People are looking for solutions that will allow them to find time for exercise into their daily routine. In fact, there are companies that organize events or activities throughout the year in order to awaken their employees and encourage them to

Simplicity, the key to success!
17-10-2019 | Up Markets

In the way that modern times are structured, time in professional life has become vital. Any process that is time-consuming and has many and unnecessary steps is an obstacle to the growth of a business. In an era of complexity, simplicity and easy solutions are the key to evolution. Complexity confuses people, reduces their effectiveness

The importance of digital transformation in business!
10-10-2019 | Up Markets

Technology is evolving and bringing new services and functions to all aspects and sectors of entrepreneurship. Today’s professionals have to face this new reality, to adapt and evolve! Digital transformation is crucial both for retaining existing customers and for attracting new ones. Empowering business to a great extent also depends on accelerating its digital transformation.

The importance of lunch break
12-09-2019 | Up Markets

During work, we often get distracted and skip the lunch break or we prefer to eat in front of a computer screen. This is a bad habit · you may think that you gain time but actually you are reducing your performance. Why is lunch break important? Boosts your productivity It is one of the