go for EΑΤ or go for FΙΤ?
30-10-2019 | About Us

We had a serious dilemma a few weeks ago…🤔

For years and years, we have heard about life-work balance, the benefit of eating healthy. What about the benefit of exercising a bit?

As part of the sport’s biggest celebration, Up Hellas has chosen to “go for FIT” at the 12th Annual ATHLETIC & FITNESS EXPO 2019 and proudly present our new fitness-related services to the world. 🤗💪


It’s so simple:

1 app = gain immediate access to hundreds of sporting activities all over Greece and a few other countries!

You need a better picture? 🧐

With the “go for FIT” app, each of our customers will be able to:

Or you just might want to join a Spinning class, tryout windsurfing, play some beach volley, test your pole dancing skills?

Well, our 1 app will let you do all of that – Beast Mode on!

go for Fit, a sporting privilege for employees.

Contact us for more information, or if you want one of those t-shirts!

go for Fit – Launching this January, in Greece! 😎

Ιf you are interested in more information regarding go for FIT, please contact us here!