go for EAT: As we say fast and easy!
19-09-2019 | About Us

With our go for EAT card being on the market for several months now, we can confidently say that we have achieved our first goals!

What were they?

  • Provide the best experience to our corporate customers!

All procedures are easy and take place immediately. From ordering to using cards, everything is simple and fast! Our customers can give a benefit to each of their employees while saving money.

  • Cardholders enjoy it!

Go for EAT is contactless and our application is insanely user-friendly. All of our cardholders have full control over the app, while the “ freeze/ unfreeze” and “cancel” settings making it the safest solution!

  • Our card is accepted everywhere!

The go for EAT card is accepted in all food selling retailers that accept Mastercard. That’s why you can use it at 400,000 focal points all over Greece!


And this is only the beginning! 😉