go for EAT – 1 meal card = 200€ for free, for everyone.
13-12-2019 | About Us

HeroCorp is our loyalty solution that enables all of our cardholders to get an instant cash reward after each transaction. This means, you spend -> you receive back money in your account immediately.

It’s truly amazing.

 Some figures about HeroCorp:

  • Launch Date: November 19, 2019
  • Number of rewards already given: 1.000 at 10 am on December 11
  • Just on December 9, we gave 193 rewards with a total of 48.77€
  • Biggest monthly reward: 10.19 euros
  • Biggest single reward given: 5.65 euros

Why this is amazing for our cardholders as well as our CorporateCustomers?

Our cardholders are now able to win as much as 200€ a year.

Since the maximum annual tax exemption sits at 1.452€ a year, that means you can win an extra of 13% of free money!

 That’s 200€ a year available to all of the cardholders

That’s greater than a full month load of 132€!

With Up Hellas, our clients can load their cards 11 times a year and the 12th  -for the Holidays- is a gift from HeroCorp. 🎉 🏖

We are seeing a huge trend with HeroCorp. Everyone seems to love it! 🤩

We are pretty much doubling the rewards each week.

It’s growing.


18€ of free cash a month is almost a free coffee a day!🤑

HeroCorp is available for free to all of our go for EAT cardholders.

  • Benefit from the simplest solution
  • Get the best-looking meal card with the best app

go for EAT rewards your employee directly after each transaction🚀

Get yours go for EAT now to start collecting that sweet free money for you and your employees.