Friday Lunch Break with Eleni
17-07-2020 | Friday Lunch Break

What are your main responsibilities at work on a daily basis?

My main responsibility is providing excellent customer service and providing instant solutions for any issue that might arise. I also approach new companies to present our solutions and discuss the potential of working together!

What is your favourite memory from your time with Up Hellas?

My favourite memory is the trip we took as a team to Parnassos, at the beginning of the year. I enjoyed every moment! The morning meeting, the party το ‘cut the vasilopita’ at night and most of all the snowball war, we all felt like kids again!

What do you enjoy most about your job here?

Every day I communicate with companies all over Greece. Before getting in touch with them, I try to find out as much information as possible for the company but also the area it operates. This way, through my work, I get to know my country even better!

What makes the Up team stand out? 🚀

With the Up team one never feels alone, there is always a colleague to share a joyful and successful moment but also any problem or anxiety.

Since we have the opportunity to enjoy all these perfect meals with our go for EAT cards, what is your favourite place for your lunch break in the area? 🍕🍟🍔

Most days, I will bring some homemade food, as I love cooking. If I need to choose a takeout meal, it will definitely be something healthy but also tasty! Luckily, with our go for EAT card, I have so many different options!

And what is your favourite UpFit activity to burn all those calories? 🤣

My favourite UpFit activity is dancing! It helps me exercise, lose some weight and most importantly feel free!