George shares his 6 top tips to adding value to your service

22 June 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς
George shares his 6 top tips to adding value to your service

My name is George and I am a Key Account Manager here at Up Hellas. Today I will share with you all my top tips for adding value to your business, as well as a glimpse into how our team is working towards achieving this.

1. Be Fast, Be Different

There is a high correlation between delivery speed and perception of the quality of service. As soon as orders are placed, customers appreciate their users being served as soon as possible.

Responding to this need, in UP Hellas we go beyond same-day loading of our go for EAT prepaid Meal Cards, to offering ten different time slots within the day to load your cards.

2. Set a Benchmark for Quality

Quality can be defined as: "the degree to which an object or entity (e.g. process, or service) satisfies a specific set of attributes or requirements".

In UP Hellas, we believe that quality of service equals providing customers with unlimited options, in the most fun & simple way. To do so, we listen and understand our customers’ needs and then innovate to create the most relevant solutions. Therefore, UP Hellas was the first to introduce the freeze/unfreeze Prepaid Meal Card feature to its online application, eliminating unnecessary card re-issuance and preventing frauds.

3. Convenience over Processes

Ease of purchase and use is the 3rd element in adding value to your service.

In UP Hellas, we have created a fully digital platform, available online for free. Our platform empowers our customers to fully manage all UP Hellas services; like ordering, loading, activation, and deactivation of Prepaid Meal Cards and Meal Vouchers.

4. Adopt Customer Experience Culture

At UP Hellas we communicate in our Meal Card users’ native languages, and this includes six different languages (Greek, Spanish, English, French, Arabic & Portuguese).

Our customer service is also available and responds instantly to Messenger inquiries, taking full end to end responsibility in handling and providing users with custom made solutions.

5. Improve Lifestyle

Over time people change and with them so do trends. In today's’ rapidly changing environment, people more than ever before are asked to work remotely.

In UP Hellas we respond to that need and we offer what is most meaningful; access to all physical and online stores selling food in Greece without any limitations.

6. Reward Your Customers and Users

Last but certainly not least, we strongly believe that a happy customer is a rewarded customer.

As a pioneer, UP Hellas was the first meal card issuer in the EU to offer instant cashback to its cardholders. Prepaid Meal Card users can choose any store, part of our merchant network, and enjoy 5% cashback on their first transaction, 10% on the second and 15% on the third.

What are some of your go-to steps for adding value to your clients?


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