Giannis is celebrating 2.5 years with the Up Hellas team

28 May 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς

My name is Ioannis Karavokyris and Ι have been with Up Hellas for the last 2.5 years, in a journey that I never imagined could have taken me so far. In order to make it clear, and to also make the previous sentence believable… allow me to start by saying that Up is an international cooperative group, whose independence ensures balanced relationships and trust among its stakeholders.

Today, our French multinational Group Up consists of almost 3.600 employees, working across 4 continents in 30 countries and all pursuing the same goal and have been doing so for 55 years now. We are all committed to social progress, we believe in collective fulfilment and working to make the interests of every individual converge for a fairer society. To put it in a simple phrase, my company’s greatest effort is to make every day better.

Every day “Bettering” is achievable. Attaining “Bettering” is an actual state of mind and it is a real word, I looked it up… Take it from me, it can happen - if you are able to harness a balanced life and harmony between personal and professional life. So, it all comes down to the environment you work in. Up Hellas’ team has helped me throughout these 2.5 years in every aspect of my daily sales effort. We are like a bonded family, we speak freely, we appreciate a good joke, we take part in building our company’s next steps. Everybody takes the extra mile to be helpful and to offer a boost to those who need it. Well, we are of different backgrounds and abilities but all the Up-team is young at heart.

Thus, the youthful environment and the fun we have is depicted in our services, in our communications, in our market niche, in our sales documents, which by the way are made up by comic characters… so that we bring the fun to everyone we meet. Our services are about benefits: “definition of benefit: something that produces good or helpful results”.

Benefits for the employees of which the effect will diffuse inside the environment of every company we cooperate. Like fitness and wellness service “UpFit”. Benefits that must be fun and creative, that offer a great user experience, that eventually will stir-up productivity and will make a difference. Like our innovative meal card “go for EAT”.

So, to “sum it UP”: have fun, embrace your company-family, enjoy your benefits, participate with energy and thrive for “BETTERING”. It will make a difference when it matters the most.

Thank you.

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