UpFit: My experience using our new fitness and wellness app

10 March 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς

Hello, I am Tzina and I will share my experience with UpFit. UpFit is a funded corporate benefit which gives me access to many different fitness facilities and activities. This way, I have the opportunity to not only enjoy my favourite athletic activities but to try new ones as well. I am so excited! I have the flexibility to exercise every day, wherever I am.

Fitness has been a way of life for me since my childhood. Nevertheless, during the last years because of professional obligations, the frequency of my exercising has been reduced heavily to only once per week. Now, with UpFit this has changed! Through the app on my phone, I can see the network of all participating gyms and fitness facilities, choose the one I want, go there, scan my QR code and enjoy my training. Quick and easy without any unnecessary hassle.

I can choose different kinds of fitness activities throughout the week. With pilates classes, I improve my body posture and I get relieved from backaches, while dancing helps me blow off some steam and Trx strengthens my body. A relaxing massage is the best way to end the week, don’t you agree?

And the best part? This coming Monday, Up Hellas' team, using UpFit, will wander in nature and welcome Spring through an accessible -to start with- hiking route. We can’t wait to meet all together and explore new adventurous paths!

Stop thinking about it! Get UpFit and exercise!


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