HeroCorp: Use your go for EAT, get up to 15% direct cashback

19 November 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς
HeroCorp: Use your go for EAT, get up to 15% direct cashback

Dear Hero,

HeroCorp has just launched.

If you have a go for EAT card, you are one of its founding Heroes. 🙌 If you don’t have a go for EAT card… well… 🤷🏻‍♂️

What is HeroCorp

HeroCorp is our ultimate loyalty solution! The concept is amazingly simple: by shopping from selected merchants, you will receive money back into your account; instantly. The more you shop, the more you earn.

How will it work

Our most successful campaign will be called the 5 10 15: When one of our heroes buys from the same merchant:

  • First purchase: 5% cashback

  • Second purchase: 10% cashback

  • Third purchase: 15% cashbacκ

The program resets at the end of each month and (or) on every fourth purchase from the same merchant. The program is already live at some secret locations across Athens! 🤫 Feel free to share the merchants 🚀.

Want to know more?

Follow us on Facebook to know more. We will start revealing secrets this month. Get your fellow Heroes (or colleagues) to do the same – or just keep it a secret! 😉 Soon, we will incorporate HeroCorp in our app (of course!) Soon after, well… expect a lot more.

Ιf you are interested in more information regarding HeroCorp, please contact us by filling in the form below, or give us a call at 2103246909!

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