Friday Lunch Break with Spyros

3 July 2020Friday Lunch Break
Friday Lunch Break with Spyros

What are your main responsibilities at work on a daily basis?

My day to day responsibilities The responsibilities, in general, are many and all just as important as, for example, communicating with our existing partners as well as finding new partners nationwide.

What is your favourite memory from your time with Up Hellas?

The moment of taking a polaroid photo. It is a ritual that every new colleague goes through. Then, this photo is placed on the wall, along with the others, with a dedication from another team member.

What do you enjoy most about your job here?

What I enjoy most is the flexibility we are all given. We can work from home or from the office without restriction.

What makes the Up team stand out? 🚀

It is a group of people who always want to evolve and become better, both on a professional and on a personal level; they never stand still. I also appreciate that all opinions are taken into account, and hierarchy doesn't play a role in this.

Is there any interesting project you are currently working on that you want to share with us?

I would like to briefly talk about HeroCorp. I have been part of it since its "birth". It is the only cashback programme in Greece that gives our go for EAT cardholders the opportunity to receive instant cashback into their account, for every transaction at a merchant partner. It goes without saying that there is also a benefit for our merchant partners - this way they increase their customer base and therefore turnover.

Since we have the opportunity to enjoy all these perfect meals with our go for EAT cards, what is your favourite place for your lunch break in the area? 🍕🍟🍔

I often bring lunch from home so I do all my food shopping from It is very convenient as it's all delivered at home, but most importantly I get instant cashback with HeroCorp.

And what is your favourite UpFit activity to burn all those calories? 🤣

Since it is summer, Outdoor Training is something that most people are looking for. With Trekking, I am given the opportunity to go hiking in Parnitha, cycling in Evia and rafting in Arcadia. In general, I like that you can find many activities in many areas of Greece.

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