Mission Delicious: Our most enjoyable project!

25 October 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς

It was just before Christmas 2018 when we were looking for ways to reach out to our customers about our products and services.

We thought maybe the coolest way is to tell a story and a story needs heroes. So, we created the Up Hellas' characters that are now an integral part of our brand.

Now, we use our heroes to tell daily stories of how Up can help Greek businesses reduce their operating costs and, above all, reward their staff.

Our heroes

So that was it! Pericles, Artemis, Niki, and our beloved Intruder joined the family of Up Hellas. As you understand their names are related to the history of Greece. Also, each hero was designed to have his own unique personality.

Three of our heroes in pencil before they get to their final shape!

Artemis is a strict but always fair employer who respects her employees and always try to make them happy. She wants to create a team spirit! Pericles is kind, but he is always complaining and -of course- he is always hungry. In a few words; Charming! Niki expresses us and our philosophy. Always smiling and ready to find easy and effective solutions. Intruder is a reminder of our childhood and in particular of the game "Where's Waldo?". Also, until the last moment, we were ready to call him “Maintanos”!

But again, we needed something more. We wanted a more personal touch. So, what better than our CEO, Bastien Agnes, become a comic hero! 😊

The card's story

It was the first time we were talking about go for EAT and we wanted it to be unforgettable. We created a story about the arrival of go for EAT in Artemis' company with the legendary - for the fans of Greek television – name: "Giant".

Pin page- in pencil- before making the first changes!

Pericles grumbled because he thought he would get into trouble by reading directions and picking up phones. But in the end, he loved our card and never stopped using it at Up Café and Up Ola.

Artemis had a concern about this new service, but Niki was always there to provide solutions and answers. She convinced her that she made the right choice.

Intruder drove planes, spaceships, was hidden in frame· he even became a statue!

And of course, our CEO, Bastien, was there to add some interesting facts.

The page for the network long before it gets its final 'pirate' form!

Mission Delicious was released, the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and Up Hellas' heroes have been a part of our daily lives.

This job required a lot of effort, thought, and love. We gave it all and we are proud of the final result.

For the implementation of this project, we should also thank our advertising company, White ad, and the Creative Director and Illustrator Christos Kolokythas.

For us no mission is impossible 😉!

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