Our HeroCorp cashback programme is already 6 months old!

25 June 2020HeroCorp
Our HeroCorp cashback programme is already 6 months old!

Hi, I'm Nikos, the Head of Merchant Services here at Up. HeroCorp is already 6 months old and we are celebrating it by bringing more and more merchants so you can keep enjoying your purchases with instant cashback!!

We think that what we have succeeded so far is unique: HeroCorp has managed to become the third preference of our users, in terms of the number of visits and value of transactions!!

In between the traditionally powerful merchant partners, HeroCorp is firmly established on top of our users' and customers' preferences and continues to grow rapidly and offer rewards to everyone!!

HeroCorp is THE ultimate cashback programme! The idea is very simple: with every transaction from selected merchants, you will receive instant cashback into your account. The more you shop, the more you win.

Up Hellas is the first company in the EU to issue a meal card that offers instant cashback to its users.

What makes it even more attractive is that all users of our go for EAT card have instant access to HeroCorp on their mobile, through their Up Hellas.

So, all our users can, therefore, enjoy the following benefits:

  • Instant access to all merchants offering cashback by simply tapping the HeroCorp HC button on their app.

  • Immediate update of the cashback amount of each merchant partner

  • Access to the map with all HeroCorp points with useful details including contact details, social media and website

  • A variety of well-known merchant partners, with a large selection of options for all tastes and every hour of the day (supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, pizza, souvlaki, grocery stores, butchers, bakeries, e-shops)

  • Targeted campaigns for different users and companies based on their location and preferences

And to make it even better, through our app you also get:

  • Notice for every new HeroCorp merchant partner

  • Instant notification and email for every transaction with a HeroCorp partner, when you receive your cashback

  • Immediate credit into your account balance

  • Daily update and monitoring of total cashback received through the app!!

  • Reward that can exceed the 132 euro per year!!

Let's take a closer look at some of HeroCorp's amazing results so far:

🚀 3,250 cardholders used HeroCorp

🚀 The average traffic was 5,31 per month on HeroCorp merchant partners

🚀 There was a total of 13,900 transactions and 74,000€ have been spent on HeroCorp merchant partners

🚀 Our go for EAT cardholders have received 6.100€ in cashback

Within a month, a go for EAT cardholder

has received up to 11€ cashback in a single

transaction and almost 22€ in a month!

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