John answers the most Up questions

19 July 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς

John has been in the Up Hellas team as Keys Account Manager for 1.5 years. So, we asked him some questions and he didn’t hesitate to answer us!

😳 What do you remember from your first day in Up Hellas?

My first day at UP Hellas was definitely the most enjoyable first day, especially when compared to any other first day. All smiling and willing to meet me, help me and guide me. And that's exactly how every day is!

😂What is the funniest incident that has happened in the offices as long as you work there?

In our attempt to take a corporate photo with the whole team, we tried to fit everyone. The failure was inevitable. Fortunately, the photo was never published!

👌What do you consider as the most important achievement of the company?

We have succeeded in a short time to be trusted by the most important companies in Greece and we are proud to receive more and more "hot" recommendations!

💪What is the feature that makes Up's team stand out?

We are all fully informed about the features of our services, our capabilities, and we are able to react quickly and correct any minor problems that may arise. The team works like a well-timed watch and we all contribute to ... showing the time right at every moment of the day!

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