The important role of proper customer service – Efi’s experience

13 September 2022Up Stories
The important role of good customer service – Effie's experience

Customer service is key to the growth of a company. Through it we observe and learn the needs that users may have and, in this way, we become better and more competitive.

Let's not forget that if a user feels that the service wasn’t as expected or that he wasn’t heard by the employee of the department, then he can possibly leave a negative review on social media, something that will prevent new potential customers from coming to the company.

The characteristics of a successful customer service employee

Every employee in the customer service must show motivation and interest in solving the user’s problem and listening to him without interrupting, considering that at this moment he may be stressed because he cannot enter the application to see his balance and is in a hurry to make a purchase, or he is at a cashier and his transaction is rejected, which makes him angry.

The employee will have to show that he understands the user, cares about him and wants to give him a solution immediately. Additionally, the tinge and tone of his voice should be calm in order to calm down the user as well. The customer service representative should ask him the right questions so that he can get to the problem immediately and proceed to the solution or, if an immediate solution isn’t feasible, he should commit to check it as soon as possible and contact the customer himself with the alternatives.

Furthermore, employees of customer service should have patience. We must keep in mind that not all users are familiar with technology, so the employee should guide the user step by step and, if necessary, repeat it in order to understand it without making him feel bad!

Another very important thing is to be honest with the user. For example, if there is a technical malfunction in the application, then this should be said, while apologizing for any inconvenience. It's worse for the user to understand that we're trying to hide something from him, it's like lying to him and that has a negative impact on the company in general.


What we should keep in mind is that in order to keep the customer in the company and that he brings us new potential customers, he should not only be happy with the product, but also with the customer service provided to him.

By Efi Kanta, Relationship Manager of our super team!

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