UpFit Gym Buddies: Lory & George

23 October 2020UpFit
UpFit Gym Buddies: Lory & George

Monday morning, we are in the colorful office of Up Hellas and a lively song is heard. George has arrived 10 minutes earlier, he has been exercising since 7am in the morning. He is now enjoying his coffee, turning on the computer and starting his work, having spent a very pleasant weekend recharging ☀️

Lory arrives at the office with a slow sliding step, sunglasses, a mask (of course) and you can barely hear her saying "Good morning".

*George*: Good morning Lory !! (you can almost hear his smile in his voice) *Lory*: Good morning George, how can you be so lively? I'm still drowsy. You, no; *George*: I got up at 6.00, I exercised. For me it is noon! *Lory*: Let's have a coffee with our **go for EAT**… *George*: I already had my coffee and even received my **HeroCorp** cashback. I suggest we go to the gym tomorrow morning together. *Lory*: You know what... I think I will come with you, just to see where you find so much energy.

On Tuesday, Lory and George make their first attempt to go to the gym together. The beginning is always difficult but Lory already feels determined to continue, at George's urging 💪

*George*: Well, Lory, what did you think about yesterday's workout at the gym? *Lory*: I'm still in pain since Tuesday, the exercises were really difficult! But to be honest for the rest of the day I had incredible energy. *George*: Now that you have started, you must not give up, I will not accept you missing gym days! We will be going to the gym together, that way you will have company. As for the pains you mentioned, why don't you book a massage session through **UpFit** and I promise you, you will feel much better!
*Lory*: I agree! Besides, it is an opportunity to start exercising seriously again, since our company provides the **UpFit** service. And in fact, I am thinking of proposing it as an idea to Triantafyllos and Konstantinos so that we can all go together!

Later in the day, they also tell Triantafyllos their idea!

Lory: Triantafylle, what do you say we go to the gym before work all together? Triantafyllos: I like your idea. I would propose even better for us to go for laser tag! It will be fun to be all the colleagues together and even those who are not very fit will be able to participate! George: Let's go first to the gym and do weights and pilates and then we can go for a laser tag! (laughs...) Lory: I suggest we do something more fun! We can go trampoline! It is provided in UpFIt, and in fact, it is an awesome aerobic exercise! George: Trampoline eh? Sounds nice. Triantafyllos: We will even remember our childhood years.

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