2 simple steps that improve work experience - Katerina's tips

10 June 2022Up Stories
2 simple steps that improve the work experience - Katerina's tips

We live in a time in which, unfortunately, the hours we spend in our workplace take a lot of space of our daily lives. It is very important, therefore, that this space satisfies us and makes us want to be more efficient.

It is common that the first factor that comes to mind, for an employee to be satisfied and efficient, is the economic conditions to be adequate. But the space and the way we work are equally important.

Imagine ourselves every day (and especially on Mondays...) having to come to a professional environment, which may meet our financial needs, but doesn’t make us work with pleasure and zest. This is difficult and devasting.

Many factors can help us to be similarly satisfied with the conditions in which we work, so that we are happier and our work is more constructive.

Two of these factors, which are very simple, but can offer professional euphoria, are music in the workplace and a more "relaxed" outfit. They cannot have the same impact in all professions, but there always is the ideal solution that helps us work more comfortably and meaningfully and contribute to the improvement of our work experience.

Many companies already apply these two practices to their staff. For example, there is the term dress down day, which represents that day of the week where employees can wear whatever they want and whatever makes them feel comfortable, while expressing a part of their personality. It is mostly applied to companies where the most formal clothing is required and necessary, not essentially due to strict rules of the management, but because it fits more with the the company or because there may be in-person communication between employees and customers. In this case, this tactic could be applied once a week without risking undermining the image and professional status of the company.

In contrast, in other companies, either because of the nature of the subject, or because of the employer's philosophy, employees can daily dress comfortably in their desired clothing, which again it would be good to keep up with the culture of the company, always with respect to colleagues and their professional status. Surely it has been observed that the more comfortable we feel in our workplace, even if the comfort comes from the outfits we wear, the more productive we are.

Music in the work environment is another way for people to have a good mood and feel comfortable in their workplace. It has also been observed to increase productivity levels, while enhancing the ethics and interaction of the employee group. It absolutely makes sense to have professions where tranquility is essential for concentration and prosperous work. Even there, however, in the long daily routine, there is dullness and monotony and there are times when a little music could boost the mood or even help employees concentrate more.

Just as in a gym music can stimulate you, make you feel happy and convince you to try harder, so in the workplace music can have the same impact. Be a touch of joy, a pleasant pause or a strong ally in the demanding work. Besides that, research has shown that the time of completion of a task can be shorter while listening to music.

It is obvious that not all businesses have the same needs or the same appropriate ground for such actions. As mentioned above, however, since according to research the results are mainly positive, the right balance can always be found.

This will also give employees the opportunity to express their personality, to connect better with the culture of the business in which they work, while at the same time in a happy environment in which they feel more familiar and happier, to develop their productivity and, why not, their dedication to the company. The staff adapts better to the room through music, reduces stress, increases comfort and intimacy with the environment and leads to higher rates of remaining in each company that implements the above, as colleagues develop their relationships with each other in a pleasant and familiar working environment.

Therefore, it will only bring positive evaluation and constructive results, if, calculating and respecting the needs of employees for a happy and accessible working space, a company decides to apply the two practices based on its own data, helping the staff to implement their tasks with less stress, more enjoyably and remaining happy, full of energy and comfort in a very positive work environment.

By Katerina Sideri, Accountant of our super team!

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