Up was the first to bring some pretty cool additions to the meal card for the Greek market:


The Up Hellas journey begins.


We started with a meal card in January 2019.

It was the first time a meal card was contactless (shocking - yet true).

We also brought card freeze first to the Greek market - (equally shocking).


Since we love rewards - we rolled out the first cashback solution.

A few months later, we brought the disable contactless option for the first time.

We re-worked the account creation process to make it much more straightforward and faster.

Rolled out our gift card.

Google Pay is here.


Rolled out our holiday card.

We also launched the new Hub on our Business Portal, where our customers can download all the reports and invoices they could ever dream of.

Feed a friend is here! Now our cardholders can send money to their colleagues using our app.


5,000 business partners & 200.000 people are using our solutions


We started our Greek adventure in 2016. In 5 years, we have built an experience for each and every one of our customers (company or cardholder).

We now serve thousands of customers every month across Greece and tens of thousands of cardholders.


Our People are PASSIONATE!

We are a crazy bunch of people - passionate about what we do and - yes - we love it.

Take a look at our LinkedIn page, our YouTube channel, our website - you will feel our team’s passion and willingness to help. We go the extra mile for one another.

Up Hellas team member polaroids when first joining the team


Our understanding of our market

Bold statement: we believe a benefit must be enjoyed by everyone for it to be successful. That’s why we ❤️ fun!

How are we fun?

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    By creating brute simplicity for each of our customers.
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    By implementing smart technologies for everyone (Feed a friend, HeroCorp…)
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    We try some humour when we can… apologies if you don’t like that.
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    We love our comic book illustrations and stories.
We do benefits.Don't be a dinosaur -> don't use bank-like benefits.
Send money to a co-worker using Feed a Friend on the Up Hellas app


Customer centric decisions

We design simplicity by always putting our customers first - cardholders or corporations alike.

Some examples:

Removing the PIN:

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    Keep the same level of security and provide same guarantees
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    Saved our customers money and time
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    Made the onboarding process super simple

That one decision shows how our solutions are customer-driven - no matter how different they may be at first.


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    Download all reports you need - we don’t like Excels - we want data
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    Load all cards in seconds
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    Manage your employees’ cards
Our business portal where cardholders can create orders and download invoices and reports


Our commitment to excellence

We love what we do.

We make a difference every day for each of our cardholders and customers.

Only with Up will you:

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    Get demo cards to test the Up experience that we hold so dearly.
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    Have access to your monthly qualitative and quantitative reports. It’s transparent, rated and qualified.
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    Get replies to 90% of your questions in seconds no matter the time - Yes - Stelios AI is here.
Monthly report quantifying the Up experience and customer support


We experiment with technology for our customers

We fine tune the Up experience every week.

, We always experiment with new approaches to make our customers more independent and our cardholders happier. Want some examples ?

Feed A friend

We felt nostalgic of our meal vouchers - that enabled colleagues paying their fair share of a pizza. That’s the story behind the 🍑

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    Add a friend
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    Send him some money for the souvalkia you took.
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    Or not

HeroCorp for cardholders

The only direct cash-back solution. Pay. Earn. Repeat.

Stop begging for discounts - HeroCorp is simple & fun - and addictive!

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    Pay at our selected merchants (hundreds of them)
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    Receive your reward in seconds
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    The more you pay, the more you earn, the more you love!
Mobile phone with Up Hellas app and notifications
Photo of Youssef Achour, President & CEO of the Up Group

The Up Group

Up Hellas is part of the Up Group

Up is an international cooperative group

Created in 1964

Active across 4 continents, operating in more than 30 countries

3,751 employees worldwide

We opened our premise in Greece in 2016 and started to operate in the country shortly afterward. Our team rapidly grew in skills and expertise for our clients and for the beneficiaries of our solutions in a tax-friendly environment for all. In 5 years, more than 2,000 large and small companies now propose our “Go For Eat” solution to their employees for use in local food stores or restaurants.

Youssef Achour

President & CEO of the Up Group



Enjoy your meals anywhere you want.


About us

We design and deliver digital-first employee benefits that transform the workplace experience.

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