A day in the life of an Office Manager – Matoula’s experience

15 December 2022Up Stories
A Day as an Office Manager - Matoula's Experience

What does a day in the office look like? I’ll talk to you about my day as an Office Manager!

I would like to start with this: I have been doing this job for many years, with different roles & titles but with the subject remaining the same.

However, as soon as I wake up in the morning, I feel, for the first time in so many years, so happy to go to the office! And this is due to the great atmosphere we have and my wonderful colleagues. But let's get started. The day begins with an amazing breakfast made by our beloved Nelly who makes sure that all of us start the day powerfully and with a lot of energy.

It’s the time when we all gather in our lounge with our wonderful view, and share our news, well mostly the things that happened the previous day. 😋

We finish breakfast and we start working. Emails have their place of honor every day and every minute. This means that I need to answer-guide and give the right information to those who need it. Within the day, the couriers come to deliver our envelopes, which must be opened or registered in the right place. Of course, there also are the deliveries that arrive every day for our lunch.

During the day, my tasks follow one another: supplies, shipments, orders, office maintenance, payments, invoices, archiving, appointments, meetings and much more that will surely take me a long time to write down. But I don't want to bore you! My everyday routine is always different (so as not to get bored) and always interesting and able to keep me alert.

Oops… Time goes so fast and at the end of the day, despite the tiredness, I am as happy as at the beginning because I have given lots of smiles and have been given so much more. I have heard encouraging words that boost me to move forward with the same passion and energy and feel entirely full to continue the rest of my day.

And this is my day, my lovely day!!!

By Matoula Papadoliopoulou, Office Manager of our super team!

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