Christmas Stories by Eva

16 December 2022Friday Lunch Break
 Christmas Stories with Eva

What is your most unforgettable Christmas memory? 🎉

In general, I can say that I have only nice memories of Christmas. Both as a child and while growing up. However, something that will probably be unforgettable to me is the first Christmas with my husband. We had arranged a trip abroad on Christmas Day but there was no specific plan regarding where we would eat that day. So, arriving at our destination, we realized that most restaurants had no availability and fast-food stores were closed (those that were open had very long queues). So, we ended up buying pizza 🍕 from the Mini Market of a gas station, baking it at home and watching a movie 🎞️ on Netflix.

What is your Christmas guilty pleasure? 🍬🍪🍭

Most people would probably say it's food or dessert. However, for me, as shaming as it is, it’s to take a box of tissues, sit with a blanket on the couch and do a movie marathon watching "HOLIDAY" & "LOVE ACTUALLY". Let me say that this happens on an annual basis. 😊

What is your favorite Christmas all time classis song? 🎶

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! – Frank Sinatra ❄️

What is your favorite Christmas movie? 🎬

I've already revealed it in my guilty pleasure, but I think between these two "LOVE ACTUALLY" is the movie I can't bear not to watch!

What is your favorite gift from Santa Claus? 🎁

The truth is that from a very young age I had realized that there is no Santa Claus since I discovered one of the gifts I had asked for in the trunk of my parents' car. 🙄 If I can remember one gift with enthusiasm, though, is my first stereo (of course there was also an option for a cassette 📼).

A wish for the next year? ❤️

Since in the last few years we have experienced some special situations due to the pandemic, the only thing I could and would like to wish is that we will never be separated with our loved ones again and of course that all of us are healthy. We will figure out everything else along the way!


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