Meal vouchers: The Best Way to Reward Employees

10 February 2023Up Stories
 Meal Vouchers - The Best Way to Reward Employees

A few years ago, starting a new job in a company, I learned that one of the benefits, in addition to my salary, would be something that they called "meal vouchers". We would receive these instead of bonuses and after achieving specific goals. At first, no one knew exactly what they were and how they would be used. Many were opposed and preferred to receive the corresponding amount in their bank account.

I was against it too; I’m not going to lie to you. Meal vouchers... really? As if they are the meals of the church community service. Well, just at this thought, Che came out of me... "Meal vouchers? I work and they do me a favor?" That's how it settled in my mind. At that time, of course, we also had wallets with cash. Now I don't even carry a wallet. Everything is digital, but that's another matter. So, I also asked for the corresponding amount to be placed in my bank account. And I was doomed... Because with the tax deductions, my bonus was a joke!

Mairoula, however, from the accounting department, took the vouchers and enjoyed them in gourmet restaurants. “But you got a bonus” you’ll say. Well, you don't pay attention to me. I had 40% tax deductions on my bonus, while she didn't. I, of course, felt uncomfortable going to the gourmet restaurant, which uses soap in the toilets better than the one I use at home, and paying them with meal vouchers at the end. Probably for people like me we moved from the printed to the electronic form of meal vouchers, the card. Fortunately, that is, and I will explain why. With printed meal vouchers you cannot make online purchases. Your physical presence in the store is required. In fact, at that time, there weren’t many stores accepting printed meal vouchers. Little by little, however, more and more shops started to use the system of meal vouchers, and more and more companies began to use them to reward their employees.

The Great Change

And from using meal vouchers only in certain supermarkets for food products, we suddenly started having countless options. More and more employees were looking for meal vouchers, and for many they also acted as an incentive to improve their performance.

Also, talking to various employees in HR departments, they told me the following:

  • Many who are in the process of being interviewed negotiate meal vouchers. Their existence or not is a catalyst for them to say the big "yes": "Now, in addition to my salary, I also have a meal card. I definitely can't work for a company that won't give me a meal card!"
  • Many employees now ask for them and see them as a necessary benefit: "Don't they give you meal vouchers at work? Unbelievable."

Why choose meal vouchers?

In today's market there are many different meal vouchers from a variety of companies. However, meal allowance in the form of a card, such as the GoForEAT card of Up Hellas, is a huge success. Let me say here that Up has the largest affiliated network, an incredibly easy application for users, instant cashback after each transaction from contracted partners (call me HeroCorp) and an easy transfer of money between users of the meal card (call me Feed a Friend). Ah! And of course, she has partners like me in her "orchestra".

In short, meal vouchers are so attractive because:

  • They can be used as a reward when an employee or a team achieves some specific goals set by the company.
  • They can be given alongside the salary at the end of each month and make employees even happier.

You still haven’t chosen the meal vouchers for your employees?

By Archontoula Xanthopoulou, partner of our team! 🎉

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