What are we eating today?

24 May 2023Up Stories
Meal Card

The Meal Card is the answer to the question "What are we eating today?"

The meal card ensures quick, secure, and convenient payment for your meals. In an ideal world, I would have a meal card and use it to transfer the calories from every meal. The boss would pay for the meal, I would eat, and the meal card would get the calories. Then I would transfer the calories with great joy to my ex-boyfriend. Genius to use a meal card, that way! However, these things don't happen in the real world for now, but we're working on it, you know. We always work on ideas that make our customers happy. But let's start from the beginning.

What is meal card?

The meal card is a prepaid card used for purchasing food. Typically, the meal card is issued by companies that provide card management and issuance services, and can be used at participating restaurants and stores. If your meal card partner is Up Hellas, however, we're talking about many, many partnering dining establishments. Over 60,000 now as I write to you.

What do you gain?

Do you really want me to tell you? The joy of paying for your meal in the simplest, fastest, and happiest way possible. Don't ask why it's the happiest way! When you give the meal card to pay, you don't see your bank account decreasing and decreasing. Is there greater joy than this? Yes, there is, and it's called HeroCorp, the ultimate reward program. You eat and you get money back! So, give a bravo to your mom who said "Bravo" every time you ate.

So, what is the Meal Card after all?

The Meal Card is the Up Hellas' goforEAT card. It is a rechargeable mastercard that is not recharged by you but by your employer! It is the card that when you use it at partners participating in the HeroCorp reward program, you earn money. It is the card that will make you happy because everyone knows that happiness cannot be bought, but you can always buy a good plate of pasta, a good burger, and a big ice cream. Pretty much the same as happiness.

So, the meal card will soon become the soul in your wallet, whether physical or digital. We wish that the goforEAT meal card from Up Hellas will always keep you well-fed and happy.

By Archontoula Xanthopoulou, partner of our team 👏

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