World Food Day – The importance of food

17 October 2022Up Stories

I always remember I liked the idea of a picnic. We organized from the day before what each one of us will prepare and we arrived at a place with an amazing view. We shared the goodies and ended up sharing as well the recipes for everything we had.

Ah, food concerns us every day, even if many times we don’t realize it in our daily lives. Or, to put it more correctly, the diet. The proper intake of nutritious foods for the smooth functioning of our body, in order to cope with the demands of everyday life.

In October 1980, in fact, the UN General Assembly established October 16th as World Food Day having as main goal the limiting of hunger on the planet.

The objectives of World Food Day are primarily to encourage attention to agricultural food production, as well as to raise public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world. The inheritance of know-how, also, to the developing world, as well as the strengthening of international and national solidarity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Today, hunger threatens more than 800 million people on the planet, while malnutrition, food insecurity and atrocious hygiene conditions are the main characteristics of developing countries.

However, while half of the planet is facing the specter of hunger due to chronic situations, the global economic crisis and the effect of climate change, the other half is facing a series of nutritional problems related either to the overconsumption of food or to distorted images produced by the Western way of life.

Highlighting the impact of climate change and the increase in the use of biofuels on the quantity, prices and quality of food worldwide, this year's World Food Day simultaneously triggers us to reflect on our eating habits and our nutritional future.


Spreading and adopting healthy eating habits is a key factor in defending individual health.

The drastic change of the modern way of life, the reduction of free time, the evolution of the family structure and the subsequent adoption of new eating habits, which lead to the consumption of ready-made and standardized food, is one of the most serious challenges for Public Health in today's era. At the same time, the systematic cultivation of aesthetic patterns that deviate from a healthy life attitude, combined with the appearance of mental health problems, increase the incidence of diseases associated with eating disorders.

At European level, there is now widespread awareness towards improving information and enhancing the consumption of healthy food. In Europe, more and more countries are adopting strategic and programmed approaches to tackling the problem.

What’s positive is that lately, a fairly large part of the population tends to look for healthier foods to eat in their daily lives, which is quite encouraging.

The foods are infinite, the goal is to make the right choices ourselves, nourishing our body in the right way and listening to our needs. The Go for Eat card helps us even more as it can be used in a variety of shops. Thus, it frees us from yet another concern.

The goal is to bet on health and not forget the phrase «Everything in moderation»!

Stay healthy 😊

By Eleni Kyriakou, Senior Account Manager of our super team!

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