Q&A with Bastien: All about Up

11 December 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς
Q&A with Bastien: All about Up

When are we going back to Elatos Resort and Parnassos for ski?

Let me answer this with a question: what can we do that is different and just as cool for our next team outing?

That being said, I agree those few days we spent at Elatos were amazing – and it shows every time I read the team’s lunch breaks.

Which is the most interesting project so far at Up Hellas?

I will go with the GoFor EAT card here as it was our first digital solution, the steppingstone of our future – and we needed to design it on our own terms – with a big Up touch.

In less than a year, we went from a not-so-special business to this trendsetter on the Greek market. We discreetly rolled out some nice features first in Greece (card freeze, contactless disablement, push notification, real time balance…) and we now laugh when banks and other financial institutions call this innovation…

We designed an experience and we never compromised, always thinking of our customers and their employees. The experience is unrivalled, freeing us to focus on high-value services and add ons.

All Coming soon of course.

How do you see the future of Up Hellas in five years from now?

At Up, we are naturally optimistic, this is why:

  1. I know what we have in store for 2021 and beyond 🧡

  2. UpFit

For those who don’t know, UpFit is our fully digital multi-gym membership. With one UpFit membership, you get access to hundreds of gyms/classes/activities all over Greece, and soon Europe!

A pessimist will say the solution came at the worst possible time: with all of the gyms and sporting arenas closed. That companies won’t implement the solution in the very near future because of COVID19.

BUT an optimist will scream “there is not a better time than NOW to implement UpFit.”

Sure, we need the gyms to open again and we need to be able to exercise safely, but with a vaccine around the corner:

  1. People will now want to lead a more active and healthier life

  2. Businesses will need and want – healthy employees and will focus more and more on Employee Engagement and work-life balance.

UpFit is here to stay, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the State starts promoting (and sponsoring the solution) for its citizens.

I can’t wait for this 5-year journey!

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