Q&A with Bastien: All about work

27 November 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς
Q&A with Bastien: All about work

What is your daily life like at Up Hellas?**

I wake up early; never put an alarm.

2-3 times a week I run between 5km-10km depending on mood and time.


After that I try to schedule my day in 3 parts:

Morning: I tend to be more creative, so I try to do more thinking/strategy and crazy ideas.

Late Morning to Late Afternoon: I try to schedule videoconferences, spend time with the team, meet customers… Internal meetings from time to time…

mainly spending time discussing with the team how to continue improving our services and our performance.

Which is the most boring part of your job?**

I notoriously hate emails: I tried many times to block all internal emails but apparently Office doesn’t have that option built-in… If someone has an easy workaround, please share!

I hate spending times in meeting: I try to have a 40-minute rule after which I just walk out.



What do you love the most about your job?**

Well, that’s easy:

Exploring and optimizing the boundaries of digitalization and implementing cool ideas together.


What is it like being a young CEO?**

I don’t think about my age in day-to-day life.

. I’m a lot older today than 5 years ago when we started Up, that’s for sure!

More seriously now, I think my younger age has some advantages:

Understanding the potential of digitalization for our business and what it can bring, and how to use it in order to continue growing services and improving the overall experience.


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