20 September 2023Women & Leadership
Katerina in Paris

Paris: The city of Lights

A month ago, I had to visit Paris in order to attend the Seminar organized by the Up Group for the Economic Managers of the Group. There has been a strong mobilization for some time now to create a more cohesive and active "economic" team with the aim of improving cooperation among the Group's countries and enhancing the economic sector through the exchange of ideas and opinions.👏

When I was offered this opportunity, I was thrilled. Not only because I had never visited the City of Light before, which I admired only through documentary images and movies, but also because I would have the chance to meet new people with whom we essentially work in the same company. We have similar goals and have been communicating for two years, but we have never met. At the same time, there was anxiety because as a representative of the company, I would have to present Up Hellas in front of so many people and manage to inform and convey my enthusiasm for our upward trajectory.⏫

The trip starts!

Time passed quickly, and finally, the long-awaited day arrived. The seminar was attended by economic representatives from 18 countries who introduced themselves and presented the history and achievements of Up in their respective countries. The basic principles that have laid the foundation of the Group, its journey so far, the main goals for 2023-2024, as well as strategic plans and new services for the future were extensively presented to us. Four main pillars/goals for our future path: evolution, sustainability, profitability, all in harmony with as many environmental protection tactics as possible!🌿

Another goal of the seminar was the better management of the professional environment. Being a seminar for Directors and Accountants, there was also information, education, and guidance for more constructive communication and collaboration between the usually "distant and rigid" financial department and other departments of the company. When there is a climate of collectiveness, good intentions, and, most importantly, understanding of the needs, priorities, and scope of each department, collaboration is much more effective and enjoyable for everyone.🧡

However, apart from the professional aspect, it would be a lie to say that there was no room for socialization and entertainment. Maybe not at a crazy pace, as the seminar program was quite demanding, but accountants know how to have a good time! 😊 The flawless organization of our French colleagues certainly helped, as they made sure to convey a piece of their culture to us along with knowledge. And do you know what that means?! A combination of culture and good food! Because at Up, we advocate for "happy people = happy employees"..! 😉 To give you an example, there was the amazing idea of organizing one of the presentations on a bateau mouche!

Up & Fun are the same thing!

Because we love our work... but we cannot overlook the fact that Paris is a huge museum! Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, countless parks... and so much more! It's worth walking for hours to discover every narrow street, experience the vibe of the city, take your bicycle for a ride next to the Seine, and then sit at any picturesque French bistro, enjoy different flavors, and, of course, a good wine!🍷

The interaction with people from so many different countries, the exchange of knowledge and fresh innovative ideas, the educational and informative nature of the seminar that helped us further establish the foundations and goals of our company, the good food, and of course, the sights, transformed my anxious first trip as a representative of Up Hellas into a unique experience that I am looking forward to reliving!

By Katerina Sideri, Accountant of our team!🥳

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