Colors in the workplace – Their importance in employee wellbeing

25 November 2022Up Stories
Colors in the workplace – Their importance in employee well-being

Have you ever worked in a space that just didn't make you feel good? Have you ever had the feeling that your office comes into conflict with your personality? If so, you are not alone! It has happened to all of us, and the culprit is... the colors.

How important are colors in the workplace anyway?

Based on a research from CCICOLOR - Institute for Color Research, humans tend to subconsciously judge a person, environment or product within 90 seconds of seeing it, while our judgment is influenced by its color by 62%- 92%. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

In interior design, color not only contributes to the overall look and feel of a space, but subconsciously communicates the purpose this space should be used for.

Colors can affect our mood, behavior and productivity, which is why it's important to choose the right combination of color for our workplace.

Why should an office have colors?

Anyone who has worked long hours in an office, knows very well that after a while the surroundings begin to "fade".

Some might argue that it is perfectly normal for this to happen and wonder who wants distractions while at work.

However, the past years we have seen more and more companies, from the biggest brands to small start-ups, incorporate colors into the workplace.

But why?” you ask, and we have the answer. Because the endless, white, empty walls make the job look boring and the employees find it difficult to concentrate.

The focus on wellbeing as part of corporate culture, as well as the understanding of the impact of color are constantly increasing, thus making companies and organizations embrace color as a way to communicate their values and enhance creativity.

Our (colorful) story

As Up, we invest daily in the wellbeing and happy mood of employees through various ways. Breakfast in the office, team building activities, hybrid work model and much more. Of course, colors couldn’t be missing from the equation 🌈

That's why moving to our new offices meant a surprise to many. Walls full of paintings and colors that give life and nice vibe to the office. Colors such as orange, blue, yellow and green made us all feel comfortable with the change of environment since the very first moment.

© Photos by Elena Bonelli

© Photos by Elena Bonelli

With the help of two talented artists, Sotiris (@soteur) and Makis (@gospel.ath), the new headquarters of Up Hellas became a magnet for positive comments. To this day, our painted walls are still the most famous spot to take photos, but also my own most favorite place at Up.

By Iliana Chalimourda, Product Marketing Executive of our super team!

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