Customer Report Experience – our new analytics tool

22 November 2022Up Stories
Customer Report – The new analytics tool

Offering the best service means nothing if you can't communicate it appropriately. If you can’t make your customer understand why they should trust you, if you can't show them how your product is superior or how your service meets their needs.

An employer who chooses the GoForEat solution for his employees is someone who wants to know that he’s offering a benefit. That the amount he offers is an amount that the employee can actually use. The network, the possibility for contactless transactions with Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as the fast customer service are elements in which the GoForEat solution stands out. But it’s not enough to simply state it, we must also prove it.

It's the constant communication that we in the Technology Team have with all other Up Hellas teams that helps us to understand the customers' problems and their needs in order to create our solutions. To get, as a whole, to the point of transforming the way we communicate with customers, showing them how our solutions will actually help them.

This is how the Customer Report was born, which you can find in the business portal of our website. This application is the child of many. In the collection of data, the creation of visuals, the selection of the information we want to communicate, but also a lot of thought was put by many within the group in its hierarchy. The Customer Report is an experience for the customer who can learn more about how their company benefits from GoForEat.

On the Customer Report app, the employer can choose a period and see the experience his employees have had with GoForEat. He sees quantitative characteristics such as the amounts he offered them and how they were spent, the statistics of their successful transactions, as well as the utilization of our services such as Feed a Friend. But also qualitative characteristics, such as the number of support tickets that the cardholders requested, the rating received by Up Hellas' Customer Support and the response time to tickets.

There's a thorough view of how employees use GoForEat cards. For example, after a cardholder complains that the card isn’t accepted anywhere, the employer can see that although there were failed transactions, they were a very small percentage of the total. That they failed due to insufficient funds, or the store not being related to food. That HeroCorp is a service that rewards cardholders who use GoForEat in selected stores, but also the amount that has become cashback.

That we don’t just state that our product is innovative. We also have proof that it is.

But the Customer Report app isn't just a useful tool for existing customers. It is also another arrow in the quiver of our salespersons. One of the most common scenarios of a sale is that of an employer and prospective customer who claims that meal cards are used in supermarkets anyway and the network with other food selling points doesn’t add value. The Customer Report can prove that yes, in terms of transaction value, cardholders spend larger amounts in supermarkets, but in terms of volume, a lot more transactions are being made for coffee or food. Let alone that the way we offer our cards, enables employees to use them not only by making purchases both in physical and online stores with the physical or digital GoForEat card, but also through their digital mobile wallet.

The Up Hellas team has created an attractive solution in the form of the GoForEat card. The Customer Report app can highlight it. It not only presents the solutions to our customers' problems, but at the same time it can also show prospective clients that this card is the right choice.

By Stavros Vergos, Tech Business Analyst of our super team!

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