Did you plan your summer holidays yet? – Lory’s experience

29 June 2022Up Stories
Have you planned your summer holidays? – Lori's experience

At first, I had decided to write a professional article, but then I realized that if employees are interested in one thing right now, it is the planning of their holidays! Besides, we have time for the work-related articles when September comes. 😊

It all started in February 2022 when our French Director, Bastien, came and asked us whether we had already planned our vacation for the upcoming summer. Some of us thought that this question was out of reality, while others didn’t pay any attention to him. I typically remember commenting to him "What? As of now? We have time."

The truth is that until last year or the year before, when in June you were exploring your options for your vacation in August, things were relatively simple. You would find accommodation at reasonable prices with various amenities and in different destinations. Once... Before the pandemic...

What happened this year?

So, if you are one of those who have tried or are still trying to plan a holiday for the coveted August to experience Summer in Greece, you can surely find yourself in this text! Unless you come from a beautiful island where you have a house, or from a seaside village in the province, or even if you prefer to spend your summer outside Greece! Between us, the last one can be both easier and cheaper in some cases!

Olly olly oxen free

I had to imagine that 2022 isn’t a year like the rest. It’s the year that is characterized by many as the year of liberation from the pandemic! But let’s not talk about it – We’re organizing our holidays now 😊 The only sure thing is that after 2 irregular years, with many ups and downs, pressure and uncertainty, if there is anything we need it is HOLIDAYS! So, everybody's going to... Greece! What? You start looking for holidays in the Greek islands? Let's laugh!

More haste, more speed

Are you one of those who are waiting to tune in with your friends and see if you get the same days off? Are you also waiting to see if the company you work for, or your friend group works for will stay closed for the summer season or when will your colleagues take time off? Congratulations, you’re late! June is already too late!

Finding a needle in a haystack

You start with childlike naivety to search on accommodation booking platforms and the results indicate "unavailable accommodations at the time period you chose". “That can’t be right” you say to yourself “I must have chosen wrong dates”. You wonder what mistake you made as it has never happened to you before that there are no accommodations available. You try again, but it is pointless. Let's just change destination you think...

What are my eyes seeing?

You decide to look for accommodation on bigger islands and fortunately... they are available! The cost, however, doesn’t meet the Greek reality. Why wasn’t I born a maharaja…

The boat ride

This year islands are packed! I admit, however, that the ferry tickets were the optimistic scenario of this adventure. We could easily find tickets unless you chose a destination with limited vehicle space on the boat. But with a little bit of effort, you can feel lucky.

If only I had known earlier

The time came when the wise French General Manager mentioned above asked us again a few days ago “So where will you go on holidays?”. Some just nodded their heads in disappointment, others replied that they’ll go to friends’ houses and I said that I’m still looking. The answer came with complete honesty: “Beggars can’t be choosers Lory”.

So what was the moral for this year?

A stitch in time saves nine! ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS!!

P.S.1 There are still accommodations left, hurry up!

P.S.2 A musical note to get into the mood: Νίκος Πορτοκάλογλου - Μετρώ τα κύματα - Official Audio Release - YouTube

By Lory Barazian, Director of Operations & Compliance of our super team!

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