Introducing our new digital ordering platform

20 February 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς

Our Commercial Director Thanos Tavanlis shares the journey to designing our unique go for EAT prepaid meal card and talks about our latest innovative offering, our digital platform which will give to all partnering companies full control of all their Up Hellas products. ~

When we first started designing our go for EAT card, we decided that our goal should be to give its users a unique experience. So, we introduced a card with exceptional features for the Greek market.

  • The freeze unfreeze feature, which gives users the ability to instantly freeze and secure their card

  • Notification after every transaction, which informs users instantly about each successful or unsuccessful transaction

  • But our strongest point is our open network which gives to all our cardholders the ability to enjoy their card in every store that sells food and accepts a Mastercard

With go for EAT, our users don’t have any usage limitations anymore. The only thing they have to do is decide what they want to eat and where they want to enjoy it.

But we cannot stop giving new benefits to our users. It is our mission!

That’s why, a few months ago, we introduced HeroCorp, through which we give instant cashback to all our cardholders. Our users can pick any store that is part of our merchant network, and make their purchase. The application gives them 5% cashback on their first transaction, 10% on the second and 15% on the third.

Today, after more than a year of our go for EAT card launch, we are proud to introduce our digital order platform. Using our order platform, the administrator is able to order and automatically load the company's go for EAT cards from his or her laptop in the office, or cell phone at home. The managers-in-charge would be able to have full control of the entire process. We will give them the ability to not only order and charge cards, but to also activate and deactivate them, or order additional Up Hellas products.

We are continuing our journey of constantly improving customer experience; from the first step of ordering a card, till the satisfaction of enjoying a dinner of your choice with people you love!

Follow us on this trip and enjoy our constantly growing benefits!

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