EuroPython 2022 – Nerd’s Team experience

4 October 2022Up Stories

Dublin is an ideal summer destination for two main reasons. Not only because the cool weather is a heaven-sent for us who are coming from warm Athens, but also because for a week the capital of Ireland becomes the capital of Python. For a week Pythonistas from all over the world travel to Dublin and participate in EuroPython, sharing ideas, technical and technological developments at the largest volunteer-led conference in the world.

For a growing company like Up Hellas, it is crucial to be flexible and productive, which is why Python is the main weapon we have chosen for our technological solutions. Whether we need to analyze data or build Web Services for our solutions, Python can support them both. And we aren’t the only ones who have made this choice. Python is one of the three most popular programming languages, with millions of people using it. Among them there are Microsoft, Google and Bloomberg that were also present in Dublin.

Part of our job is to learn. Sometimes in the difficult way, hitting our head against the wall until one of the two breaks. Ideally, by exchanging ideas with people more experienced than us whom the years of experience have brought them face to face with different challenges. For a week in Dublin, we spent our days attending technology, programming and data analysis seminars, with the breaks between lectures being consumed in interesting discussions and exchange of ideas with the rest of the attendees. People from all over the world shared with us the problems they face in their jobs and the methods they followed to solve them.

The numerous users mean the diversity of people, something that EuroPython celebrated this year. There is a saying that has been in our minds lately. «Technology is not the bottleneck. People are.». Openness is one of the most crucial characteristics of a workplace and diversity is a commonly accepted privilege. «All voices matter» is one of the strategies that help companies evolve. No matter where people come from, there is always something they can try and achieve. The life we have lived has shaped us differently and it has shaped us not only into the people we are but also into the professionals who endeavour. It is important that there are different voices, and not just a voice that echoes from many lips.

A trip isn’t just a one-time experience but has a lasting influence on people. It’s a reminder that all of us are part of a larger whole. That the problems we’re trying to solve are also a challenge for other people. It is the interaction between us that makes us more capable and broadens our horizons. The trip to Dublin didn’t end when we set foot in Athens. The journey remains alive when what you have gained remains within you. Because a place stays alive only as long as you share it.

By Stavros and Stelios, Nerd Team of our super team!

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