Exercising Outdoors – Our new favourite habit

21 May 2020UpFit

Lately, we've all had to get into a new routine. One of the main changes was exercising at home, which came into the lives of many of us! That's why UpFit, in order to support the effort of all of us at home, collaborated with trainers and brought a series of online training program videos on Facebook.

As we are slowly returning to normality, we can begin to re-integrate exercising outdoors into our daily planning. Not only is it safe, if one adheres to all health safety measures, but it is also great for these sunny days ahead ☀️ Don't forget to always have with you your antiseptic and keep your distance from other people who may be exercising in the same place. Extra tip - prefer morning or afternoon hours and don't forget your sunscreen and a hat!

Ilias Asimakopoulos, Trainer - Graduate of Physical Education, talked to us about the positives of outdoor exercise, as well as some of his favourite activities and places. You can follow the exercise at home program that Ilias had suggested to us on UpFit's Facebook and make sure to follow him on his Instagram!

What are the benefits of exercising outdoors as opposed to going to the gym?

Is outdoor training different from gym training? Of course it is.. The benefits are multiple. Exercising outdoors raises the level of difficulty, but also lifts your mood automatically! As outdoor conditions will put you on a track… that you are probably not used to! Rest assured that this will be very attractive to you!

What outdoors activities could we try?

Physical outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling, etc. can make you feel great… Think about what suits you, prepare properly in terms of equipment, clothing and shoes and be ready to create a great new daily habit! Choose to train with a friend as it will be more fun this way. External physical activities will stimulate your health both physically and mentally!

Favourite places for outdoor exercising?

Which place to choose? There are several great places to work out! From the nearest park in your neighbourhood in order to do strength training exercises with equipment or only with the weight of your body, to routes for running or cycling! Kavouri, not the animal, but the area! It is ideal for running by the sea. Nea Smyrni’s grove is an incredibly closed (fenced) outdoor park for walking and exercising! And don't forget Floisvos in Palaio Faliro, try it and you will understand!


We are so happy to see some great ideas, in the spirit of the time, from our UpFit partners. Many of them offered online training videos during the lockdown, like Elixir Gym Network, Paradise Fitness Club and Entasis Fitness Gym, helping us this way to stay active and with a positive mood. Now that we're almost back to a new normal, we've seen a lot of interesting outdoor ideas! Studio Mix has created an outdoor exercise space, until exercising indoors is safe again, while Studio West is organizing Outdoor Training Classes, combining group exercise with safety. We look forward to trying them out!

Get in touch for more information and we will be more than happy to discuss how you can offer UpFit to your employees, as well as the benefits for your organisation.

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