Friday lunch break with Maria

11 November 2022Friday Lunch Break
Lunch break with Maria

What are your main responsibilities at work on a daily basis?

My main responsibility at Up Hellas is the credit check of Partners, while recently I became responsible of Customers, as well. Every day I communicate with customers and partners, answering their questions about their balances, invoices and making confirmations and agreements about their payments, as well as the credit check for the invoicing of new customer orders.

What is your favourite memory from your time with Up Hellas?

The truth is that working is very pleasant. There is a cheerful mood and tasks that you are never bored of. If I were to stand out something, this is the breakfast time that Up Hellas offers us, where our beloved miss Nelly prepares us amazing food every day. At that time, we all enjoy our coffee together, eat, share our news and laugh a lot!

What do you enjoy most about your job here?

Everyone's willingness to listen to you, to help you, to reward you for your work!

What makes the Up team stand out? 🚀

We all have a common goal, to offer the best service and take care of our customers.

Is there any interesting project you are currently working on that you want to share with us?

This period, in collaboration with Nefeli, we are trying to build a very interesting project that concerns the part of the partners, and already it’s very helpful because we receive data that helps us to increase our income.

Since we have the opportunity to enjoy all these perfect meals with our go for EAT cards, what is your favourite place for your lunch break in the area? 🍕🍟🍔

Due to our location, (our headquarters are in the heart of Athens) we have endless options for perfect meals, literally anything that we crave! One that I stand out, however, is Koobs, a cafe inside the arcade of Dragatsaniou street, where everything I've tried is excellent and the owners are always smiling and helpful.

And what is your favourite UpFit activity to burn all those calories? 🤣

The truth is that there are so many temptations if you want to snack on something, that it’s difficult to burn so many calories 🤣 Fortunately, however, with UpFitm offered by our company, we balance it a lot. My favorite activity right now is Pilates Reformer in LA WEST which is very close to my house and convenient for me because I visit it right after I leave the office.

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