go for EAT – 1 meal card = 200€ for free, for everyone.

13 December 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς

HeroCorp is our loyalty solution that enables all of our cardholders to get an instant cash reward after each transaction. This means, you spend -> you receive back money in your account immediately.

It’s truly amazing.

Some figures about HeroCorp:

  • Launch Date: November 19, 2019

  • Number of rewards already given: 1.000 at 10 am on December 11

  • Just on December 9, we gave 193 rewards with a total of 48.77€

  • Biggest monthly reward: 10.19 euros

  • Biggest single reward given: 5.65 euros

Why this is amazing for our cardholders as well as our CorporateCustomers?

Our cardholders are now able to win as much as 200€ a year.

Since the maximum annual tax exemption sits at 1.452€ a year, that means you can win an extra of 13% of free money!

That’s 200€ a year available to all of the cardholders

That’s greater than a full month load of 132€!

With Up Hellas, our clients can load their cards 11 times a year and the 12th  -for the Holidays- is a gift from HeroCorp. 🎉 🏖

We are seeing a huge trend with HeroCorp. Everyone seems to love it! 🤩

We are pretty much doubling the rewards each week.

It’s growing.


18€ of free cash a month is almost a free coffee a day!🤑

HeroCorp is available for free to all of our go for EAT cardholders.

  • Benefit from the simplest solution

  • Get the best-looking meal card with the best app

go for EAT rewards your employee directly after each transaction🚀

Get yours go for EAT now to start collecting that sweet free money for you and your employees.

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