HeroCorp by Up Hellas got your back with cashback

24 March 2023Up Stories
HeroCorp by Up Hellas got your back with cashback

I'm going to start with what HeroCorp does because I've been told I need write it first. Every time you buy from a HeroCorp partner, you receive an instant refund directly to your account.

Now that this has been cleared up, let’s move on. What does HeroCorp do? You tap and it backs up! Because a true hero does that, looks after your back. You tap and HeroCorp makes sure to give you back money from what you spent. And does this work with all the meal cards on the market? Others would like to have it too, but we only have it for ourselves! Let's not forget that Up was the first in Europe to do such thing. We’re pioneers again, but it has already become a habit for us, as well as for our customers. "What did Up Hellas do this time?" in a mom’s tone of voice who wants to say "Oh, you will get me in trouble again". Yes, we became known not only for our products and service but mainly for our ideas! After all, isn't it the ideas that make the world go around?

HeroCorp's one love

HeroCorp’s favorite is Go For Eat! The meal card whose value cannot exceed six (6) euros per working day and is deductible from tax and insurance contributions. No matter where Go For Eat goes, it’s “protected” by HeroCorp!

It's all very nice you’ll tell me, and I thank you very much for that. But will you tell me what is the real gain with HeroCorp? Let's talk about numbers! The total reward can exceed 132 euros per year! Did that cover you? Is it clear now why you're tapping and it gives back? Shall I tell you one more thing? Within a month, not me, a friend of mine who you don't know, has received up to 11€ cashback in only one transaction and almost 22€ in total! And if you don't find this interesting, let me tell you that on the last date I went on (although I regretted it 😋) I was the one that paid because I knew that there wasn’t going to be a second date! Why I paid? Because even though I did spend money, it was like I didn't! That's why it's HeroCorp! It's my Hero who pays for my souvlaki while I get back money!

Have no doubts

How will you know that money has been cashed back to your account from the amount you spent? As soon as you tap there will be an instant notification on your mobile phone and the cashback will go directly to your account balance. So simply, easily and so clever. As with all Up Hellas products.

HeroCorp is the ultimate reward program! And of course, all cardholders go for EAT meal card have direct access via their mobile phone to the Up Hellas app and the HeroCorp program.

Everything neatly organized in one go, in every move! Our HeroCorp reward program will definitely become your new favorite thing.

By Archontoula Xanthopoulou, partner of our team! 🎉

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