How I got an important client - A personal experience by Eva

11 April 2022Up Stories
 How I won an important client? - A personal experience from Eva

"Everybody lives by selling something" people have said from time to time, and if we think about it well, they're right. We all sell something every day: services, products we create, skills, ideas, knowledge, experiences...

The process of selling is nothing more than a two-way personal communication between two people, the seller and the customer. This is something I learned well when I first joined the sales industry and even better when I had to manage a large and demanding potential customer. However, in order for a customer to go from being potential to existing, additionally to personal communication, there are some steps that every salesperson needs to follow, and that's what I did.

The steps of a sale

Trying to overcome the stress that had been created, I first devoted some time to do my research on who, where, what and to get prepared for the upcoming meeting. Arriving, therefore, at the big day and at the customer's offices, what I tried to achieve is to be calm, break the ice with the customer, present in the best possible way our products and services and, of course, evaluate the needs of my customer in order to understand what it is that interests him but also would make him happy.

The importance of knowing your product

Apart from the above steps, however, it is equally important for a seller to be confident about the product he presents, to know that it is the best in the market and that is why UP HELLAS has taken care of it. The customer's need hovered around "something to give as a gift to his employees" and my suggestion? Of course, the UP GIFT cards! Unlimited options for every need, friendly-to-use app for the user to have in his control all the management of his card and account and, as a bonus, the unique HeroCorp rewards program, so that he can earn more money with the transactions he makes. What else is there to ask for...

After almost two months of several communications, phone calls and agony the success came, although for this I was almost certain from the beginning. With such a team, after all, it's hard to lose... The joy is great and the work from now on even greater. Besides, the selling does not stop where the deal closes...

What I learned from this experience

Surely, achieving the sale is not a simple matter that comes automatically but a function of many factors. Above all, however, I learned that the sale is the people and that I should always remember that people "buy" people first.

And now, let’s do it again... It's worth it though!

By Eva Grammenou, Key Account Manager of our super team!

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