The importance of lunch break

12 September 2019Up Markets

During work, we often get distracted and skip the lunch break or we prefer to eat in front of a computer screen. This is a bad habit · you may think that you gain time but actually you are reducing your performance.

Why is lunch break important?

  • Boosts your productivity

It is one of the best ways to increase your attention as well as your energy. A few minutes away from the office will help you to perform better when you return!

  • Reduces stress levels

Eating with colleagues will help you relax and forget about the stress of the job. It is best to avoid discussing work issues, so that you are completely cut off from work.

  • Enhance creativity

After the break, you are likely to come back with fresh ideas and find solutions to problems that delayed you.

Prefer to consume foods that will give you more energy and help you recharge your batteries.

Based on the above, many countries around the world, including Greece, provide- through the vouchers- incentives to businesses in order to finance the meals of their employees' during working hours.

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