Introducing Up Gift. Another reason to be proud

28 October 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς
Introducing Up Gift. Another reason to be proud

Meet our newly launched Up Gift card. Thanos, our Commercial Director, talked us through the journey of its creation and what makes it extra special! Contact us to find out more 🚀

In the process of thinking about how to present our new Up Gift card, I started wondering what makes professionals happy with their job.

Earnings and professional development are definitely a huge recognition of one's daily effort. But I think that what makes each of us truly proud is the satisfaction of creation.

Here at Up, the past two years have been full of strong emotions with the creation of our go for EAT meal card, in which the whole team participated with ideas. Also, after that came the wonderful journey of presenting it to the market, with excellent results.

Companies and users embraced our card from the first moment, for being accepted at every single food selling point across Greece, the user friendly app but also the cashback program HeroCorp.

We, therefore, feel the pride of a professional watching his creation grow and take the path of recognition.

We have to admit that we really liked this feeling, and wanted to experience it again.

That's why we created our new gift card Up Gift ❤️ A card that offers the same advantages as go for EAT but with an even wider network, where users can buy anything they desire with a single tap.

And because there is no reason to spoil an amazing experience, the Up Gift application is exactly the same as the go for EAT one. Just add your new gift card and manage both with a single app 🎉


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