Love your body and your health – Elena's wishes

9 March 2023Up Stories
Self love – Elena's wishes

On the occasion of International Women's Day, looking at the different roles that women have now taken on in modern society - professional, mother, sister, partner, friend or daughter - we notice that they are quite complex with requirements that are difficult to combine.

Through all these roles, a woman can make dreams and achieve the goals she sets in her professional and personal life. Choose and make decisions. Cope with the demands of work and take care of her home. Adapt to changes, take care of her people and love herself in every phase of her life.

This requires balance, on a spiritual, emotional and also practical level.

A healthy body is the basis and power for a healthy spirit.

We often forget to do things for ourselves. Self-care is an entirely personal matter and needs to be a conscious choice at any time of the day.

Let's listen to our bodies

The body is a wonderful "tool".

It’s so strong that every new life is born from the woman's body.

We must love it and treat it wonderfully because it is precious.

It is therefore necessary to start listening to it, observing it and accepting it. We are all very busy and often would like more time. But time for what?

How do we deploy more awareness to make better and more correct choices?

Just by taking a few minutes to observe our body we can understand a lot. If it is stiff or tense, if we feel good, if we have excessive anxiety, if we are in a relaxed position, we are in pain or breathe quickly.

Listening to the momentary signs the body gives about how we feel are answers to what care it needs.

Because truly loving oneself is a sign of strength and a requirement for happiness. The challenge is to let yourself act, prioritizing the principle and basis of psychosomatic well-being which is good nutrition and physical activity.

Let's love ourselves

Give your body the right fuel to cope. Good nutrition moves the whole body correctly and helps it act as an ally in everyday life.

Exercise and once you realize how many abilities your body has, you will start to respect it more by achieving all its potential. Such as how many pounds it can lift, how many kilometers it can run and how much strength it has to overcome its limits and endure.

This power will reward you. You will see your mood change, your energy increase and your appetite for life and activities grow.

You will have the energy to go out and have fun after work, to organize and make the trip you wanted, to socialize with the people who make you receive and experience joy.

Because the person with whom we will spend our whole lives is our own self. Love her so that you can take care of everyone else around you. Be the first role model of your life.

Happy Women’s Day to all the women of the world. Without them, there would be no life!

By Elena Bauten, UpFit Project Manager of our team! 🎉

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