Friday lunch break with Michelle

20 November 2020Friday Lunch Break
Friday lunch break with Michelle

What are your main responsibilities at work on a daily basis?

As a corporate relationships manager, I undertake together with my colleagues George and Anastasia, the part of the production and registration of new collaborations with our customers and partners, as well as providing customer service to all go for EAT card users.

In one sentence: we focus on all the needs of our customers!

At Up we have:

  • 2,000 corporate customers

  • Trade partners for vouchers and cards - now our new product UP Gift

  • 50,000 users of our solutions

  • 3.5 million meal vouchers (annual number) maybe more

And all this in 6 languages (Greek, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic)

This is why the services UP offers are…beyond the expected!

What is your favourite memory from your time with Up Hellas?

My favourite memory is when I found the gold coin (flouri) in my New Year’s cake piece just one month after starting my job with Up 😂 and of course the team building trip in Elatos

What do you enjoy most about your job here?

I generally enjoy doing many different things, my job is never boring, due to the variety of responsibilities I have. The good atmosphere and the teamwork make the job more enjoyable and fun.. after all, who would want to have a boring job, boring jobs do not motivate the employees to work with passion and positive attitude like I do 😊

What makes the Up team stand out? 🚀

Ooooh I have a lot to say about that, I do not know where to start 😊

It is very nice and fun to work in a team that is not boring and is full of passion and constantly motivates you for new ideas and opinions. There is a great collaboration between us and I think that is what sets us apart.

Is there any interesting project you are currently working on that you want to share with us?

We are working on several projects, the extranet, our new products, as well as on many technical issues that are upgraded daily and make us better as a company and of course help in providing better service to our customers and partners.

Since we have the opportunity to enjoy all these perfect meals with our go for EAT cards, what is your favourite place for your lunch break in the area? 🍕🍟🍔

I have eaten everywhere of course Ey (Peri Kafe, ACE, Pure Juice Bar, Blue Jasmine, Apollonion, 4 Seasons) they are all delicious, and the best thing is that I get HeroCorp cashback with my go for EAT card 😊

And what is your favourite UpFit activity to burn all those calories? 🤣

Hmmm I do not know what to choose 😂 at the moment because of Covid 19, I enjoy my walks at Piraiki, with my favourite sea and of course my lovely Chloe. But I can't wait for things to get better and having the choice of all the fantastic activities that UpFit offers with our amazing application.

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