Meal Card by Up Hellas, because when you eat well, you do everything well

20 October 2022About us
 Meal Card by Up Hellas

Virginia Woolf used to say that one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. With this we confirmed that the meal card is not a luxury but a necessity! Do you want your employees to love you? Do you want them to fall in love with you? As people say, start from the stomach. The meal card aims to fully cover the needs of food, so it’s accepted in shops that sell food or snacks.

Where can the Meal Card be used?

Our very big network to meet the food needs of our employees, includes variety of shops that sell food and snacks. The employee can use the meal card at the largest affiliated network of food selling points and enjoy their products with just a tap of the card!

How much will the Meal Card be credited with?

An important thing that interests you, is of course the amount of money that can be used on the Go For Eat meal card. The employer can credit money to the card every month. In the annual report the amount corresponds to 1452€ per employee. This money is deductible as a productive expense of up to 6€/day per employee, offering a total of up to 1452€ per year to each employee.

Can the Meal Card be combined with other cards for additional benefit?

It sure can!!! The total benefit per employee can be 1452€+300€ per year to each employee. This means that the Meal Card can be combined with the Up Gift.

What is Up Gift?

It's a MasterCard card that gives you the unique privilege of using it everywhere! As in also in shops not related to food. It’s essentially the perfect gift from Up Hellas to employees, a simple-to-use card, like all debit cards, that gives you the opportunity to pay even from your mobile phone. Find out more about Up Gift on our separate page, by clicking here.

Up Holidays... And it's vacation time!

One more project from us to you. To be efficient and happy at work, the employee sometimes wants to get away a little bit. We know this very well and that's why we support your travels with the Up Holidays card. Just as easy to use as the previous one that gives you many more options than just a card. Are you ready to discover its power? Click here.

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