Up Hellas is #WorkingFromHome 🏡

17 March 2020Σχετικα Με Εμάς

With the rapid developments and continuous spread of Covid-19, it is very critical that all individuals act with responsibility and collective consciousness. In this spirit, the Up Hellas team is now working -and will be working for as long as this is needed- from home. All our services will carry on working as usual and you can keep contacting us as always. We have been trialling remote work since last week and this has worked very effectively so far.

Living in a digital age means online connections are favoured, and physical location is for many no longer of great importance. So, by using a mix of digital services, we are able to not only be in touch with the rest of the team but to carry on offering our services to our corporate customers efficiently.

We decided to put together some tips that have helped the Up Hellas team to not only work efficiently from home, but also with a positive mood:

  • Create a small and cosy office space in your home - if you don't have one already. This will help you concentrate better and focus more on your work, as well as be more organised while you work from home.

  • Start a morning routine, meaning create a schedule and stick to it (or at least try to do so most of the time!). Don't forget to take a lunch break and leave your office space every few hours.

  • Set rules with the rest of the house! Being at home doesn't mean you're available to play or run errands all day.

  • Get dressed in the morning! This may sound strange, or not as important, but believe us, it will have a great impact on your mood.

  • Make sure you change scenery. Exercise a bit from home. Sit on your balcony. Organise activities you like or do things you never have the time to do.

These are some of the tips that have helped us so far in being more productive, and we hope they will be as useful for you.

We are working from home, staying safe and being positive that things will work out for the best ❤️

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