One application, many features!

27 June 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς

In Up we created an application for all users of go for EAT in order to have total control of their card.

Our app is available on App Store, online and on Google Play- 4.9 / 5 on the Android store!

Our main goal is to provide a safe solution for every user, keep them up-to-date with their balance and transaction history and also inform them about our merchant partners.

Through our app users can:

  • Check their balance and transaction history in real time

  • Freeze/Unfreeze their card

  • Cancel their card

  • Receive instant notifications after each transaction

  • Find our merchant partners and discover the benefits they will have if they use their go for EAT card

The safest solution in Greece!

Users can simply freeze their card with just one click (disabling its function) and, whenever they want, they can unfreeze it just as easily (turning it back on). This function is one of the basic features that make go for EAT the safest solution.

Users can also cancel their card through our application and then do the necessary action to issue a new one.

In addition, for the first time in Greece, users receive instant notifications whenever they use their card or an amount is credited. This way they are always up-to-date!

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