New workplaces and their influence on the daily lives of employees

12 October 2022Up Stories

Open offices, large windows, bright colors, catchy messages on the walls, plants; is this a new trend of architecture in the workplace or a change in the culture?

In a difficult time with great international problems and rapid changes at all levels, when everyday life has become tougher and requires from everyone more productive time and 100% of their energy and focus, the willingness of companies to provide solutions that improve everyday life and create a less stressful and calmer atmosphere is increasingly observed.

With remote working being part of our lives, e-meetings being a new reality and work-life balance being completely disturbed, the need of employees to "refresh" this philosophy was strengthened. According to the Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report, the vast majority (87%) of employees want the current employer to offer a healthy working environment with options such as ergonomic offices, wellness and relaxation rooms, sports venues, restaurants, while 93% said they would stay longer in a company with these types of benefits.

In another survey, which involved 7,600 employees from 16 different countries, it was found that 47% works in places without natural light, while 58% has zero contact with the natural environment. In fact, 7% doesn't even have a window. The same survey reveals the wishes of the employees in order: a) 44% natural lighting, b) 20% contact with nature, c) 19% calm workplace, d) 17% view of a natural landscape and e) 15% bright colors.

At first sight it seems that aesthetics is moving forward and traditional workplaces are transformed into a more hospitable and pleasant environment to spend most of your day. In reality, however, the era of closed offices and high dividers have passed irrevocably. Open space has taken their place and has brought a new perception that allows interaction, sharing thoughts & problems, while enhancing productivity and teamwork, and discouraging isolation and introversion.

Obviously, this has been fully understood by most employers, who often seek to carry out various corporate activities aiming at moments of relaxation and communication between teams and departments. Exercise and a healthy diet have entered the game.

Especially in the field of nutrition, due to the sedentary lifestyle, the change is noticeable. Breakfast in the office, free snacks and infusions during the day complete the image of an employer who wants more than just a good employee. He wants a happy employee who is good and feels good.

As a member of Up Hellas, I feel lucky as I enjoy the privileges of a business that puts into practice everything it stands for, promises and proposes daily in the Greek and global market. The GFE meal card & UpFit fitness solution are the answer to the above-mentioned market needs.

Faithful to our motto "Happy employees work better", we design for our customers new solutions and products with the aim of meeting all their needs.

By Pavlos Kikos, Senior Key Acoount Manager of our super team!

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