George and Michelle, two of our superheroes!

9 December 2019Σχετικα Με Εμάς

Tell us about yourself

George: I’m George, I was born in São Paulo, Brazil where I lived and studied until I moved to Athens. I speak Greek, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. I joined Up since the early days where we were 5 employees. I saw the company grow first-hand, and it is a rewarding experience to witness our merchant client and network portfolio grow day by day.

Michelle: I’m Michelle, I grew up in Greece but was born in Lebanon (Beirut), speak 3 languages (Arabic, English & Greek). I joined Up Hellas Group 1 year ago and it has been an amazing experience.

Together we are able to provide services and support to our GoForEat card users in 6 languages: Arabic, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and of course in Greek.  Believe it or not, we use it from time to time with some of our international customers. That’s how we do it at Up – going beyond the expected.

What are your main duties

George and Michelle:

In a simple catchphrase, we focus on all of our customers’ needs. At Up, we have 3 types of customers, and we take care of all of them!

  • Corporate Customers: process and bill orders, load cards, manage cards, deliveries…

  • Merchants: billing and scanning vouchers. Did you know that all voucher numbers are unique and used once. They are destroyed every time and recycled! This keeps them totally secure and ecofriendly!

  • Cardholders: We actually receive very little requests from our cardholders, as the app and our GoForEat card is extremely simple to use. Nevertheless, we do have a few of them mainly to do with account creation or card losses…

Tell us something that made you proud recently

George: When I first started, I remember we were doing many things manually. Now, looking back, I realize that we automatized many procedures, which makes me really proud of our company’s developing perspectives. Also, working with great colleagues creates an ideal work environment and helps us to assist better our cardholders.

Michelle: I am proud of my hardworking nature & my persistence in my work which allows us to assist our cardholders effectively.  Also, I am happy to be part of a great Operations Team with supportive colleagues that grows and develop our systems day by day.

What can be expected from Up in the next few months

Both: We are approaching our peak period with the end of the year order of our gift and meal solutions.

And... more surprises for our clients will arrive soon in order to make them more independent and flexible while ordering Up’s amazing solutions! 😊


Our two superheroes, Michelle and George, manage on a monthly basis:

  • 2.000 corporate customers

  • Merchants (for voucher)

  • 15.000 cardholders

  • 50.000 voucher holders

  • 3.5 million vouchers (annual number)

Ιn 6 languages (Greek, Spanish, English, French, Arabic & Portuguese)

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